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  • Transfer file and whole folder on the same WiFi network
  • with computer by free dedicated application
  • works also on WiFi portable hotspot network (Router WiFi)

Transfer files between your smartphone by WiFi, Download/Upload files and folders using the same WiFi network or WiFi HotSpot function of smartphones, so you can exchange files with the speed of WiFi anywhere on the road.

WiTransfer was projected to send and receive files and entire folders not only on common WiFi networks (Create by physical routers) but also on those created by devices using the "Wireless Router" function that in different devices take different names such as "wifi hotspot "," portable hotspot network "," WiFi Tether " but it is the same function with wich a device creates a wifi network and the others can be connected to, generally used to share the internet connection of the device.

* Sending entire folders including subfolders it's possible only using the functions of sending and receiving internal to the program and not the sharing features integrated into the system that are limited to only send the files contained in the folders.