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Quick Guide

Connect to a WiFi network

To transfer files or folders, two or more units must be connected to the same WiFi network.
If it is not available a WiFi network you can create one using the "Wireless Router" in the device and all other devices will connect to it. 1) By clicking on the WiFi button will open a menu, then click "Enable Router WiFi" to create the network.

2) At this point in the notification bar will have seen a new notification, clicking on it will have access to the Router's settings and then see the name (SSID) of the network you just created.

3) Now the others from their devices will be able to click on the same button, but this time they will click on "WiFi networks" and you will see the list of available networks to connect to, just choose the one with the name read from the phone used as a router in step 2 .

Send Files

Once you're connected to a WiFi network,you have to simply select the files or folders you want to send and click the button send, then you will get the list of recipients to send the selected files.

Riceive Files

Once you're connected to a WiFi network if you want to receive files or folders you need to enable reception clicking on visible that will become countdown to show us that the device will be visible for 3 minutes after which will come back again not visible. During the visibility ON if someone sends something we will be warned by a message through which we can accept or reject.

Sharing app

If you want to send or receive data to or from a smartphone where WiTansfer is not installed you can directly send a copy of your application (this app sends itself), just clicking on the menu button and then clicking the "Send this app" then a menu will appear that will allow you to send through conventional methods present in your device.


In some versions of smartphone operating system by connecting to the WiFi Router function of the phone is reconnected to a network saved if this is a "Wifi Router" created by smartphone, the program could not find the receiver even if set as visible (I want to clarify that isn't a problem of this program, but of the system on which it is installed) in this case you must delete the existing association network using the reset function present in the options of the program. WARNING making reset the possible password of current connection will be lost and you will need to replace it, so DO NOT reset connections with passwords that you have forgotten or you do not have more.